Make time………for YOU


Making time to care for yourself.

Two years ago I started doing a food diary, eating organically healthy food, cut down on sugar and dairy, joined a gym and began keeping a journal.
Not only did I incorporate those things, but I also set aside a time of quiet into my life. No tv, no phone or Internet and most of all, no distractions.

This was one huge feat for me, let me tell you – – mostly because it all took some extra time.  The first few times I began the “quiet time” I was so frazzled from just being away from my working kitchen – hoping that no one was looking for me.

Maybe this is a owning your own business thing, but you’re basically expected to be available at all times.  So I had to get really, really brave to “step out” once a week.  I practically felt like everything would fall apart every time I stepped out.

But just the act of doing that  – doing something to honor my body against all opposition – caused something pretty amazing to happen.  It’s like my body knew that I was trying to be kind to it and make it a priority…and it responded.

Our poor bodies put up with so much.  We ignore our health, we feed ourselves junk, we don’t move enough, we make ourselves so busy physically and mentally that we “don’t have time” to care for our bodies.  But just like any living being, the minute we nurture ourselves with healthy soil and sunshine or the minute we show kindness, gratitude, and love to ourselves – – our body will respond with extra vitality.  I learned this firsthand. Just the act of making time for myself had so many positive results that I can’t even begin to count.

As I meditated and read, or stretched, week after week:

-I started to feel worth (showing honor and respect to my body did wonders for my worth. It’s a whole lot different than abusing my body.)
-I started to feel like less of a victim to my busy life.  I realized that the world didn’t end and wasn’t going to end by being out for 1 hour a week.
-The fears associated with being away from the kitchen started to diminish.
-I started to feel alive again, instead of barely surviving.
-I began to have a shift and realized that my health mattered more than being a perfectionist.

My health continued to become such a priority that I actually decided to stop working so late into the night. I made it a goal to start heading home about 6 pm or soon after.  Again, I felt the initial guilt for doing so as the many tasks in my day were so great.  I could write a whole post about how hard it was to sacrifice my identity of being the super star, the hardest worker. I had to let that go.  But I decided it was worth doing (and it was).

It turns out that life did start to improve so, so much.  That year was one of the best ever.  I was healing deeply in so many ways.  I was eating so well (thanks to the jumpstart of the food diary.)  And this is when my life started to completely transform.  I learned how to achieve the most content feeling of peace and happiness.  It was incredible.

Have you unplugged in some way? Have you decided to put you first in order to bring some quality back into your life?
I’d love to hear your stories…’s all about sharing.

I believe that sharing makes us accountable and helps us to stay focused on our goals.