A Pampered Palate hosted dinner party for “Ushri” a celebrated painter in Atlanta.





Small cocktail parties

I did an event this past week for a small group of business women at an old warehouse in Midtown Atlanta. I absolutely love going into places that bring out a feeling of wonder and creativity where the food really takes “center stage.”

My food is innovative, yet simple and warming and always…always tells a story.



Two brothers decided to take a chance and bring a truly special wood fired pizza and share with the rest of us pizza aficionados. Traveling to San Francisco, Chicago and Italy, they developed something that’s simply divine. Located in the Old 4th Ward district of Atlanta…..

Welcome to Ammazza!


This bike was given to the restaurant by a neighborhood patron who wanted to aid them in delivering pizza’s. It holds four 12″ pizzas….how cool is that!


The dining area is very spacious with a huge community table that runs down the middle. There are also serveral tables and booths that run along the edge. The building itself was built in the late 1800’s and the owners kept as much of it as possible. There is even a space for “live” local bands that play on weekends.


We started with the Insalata Di Basil- Field greens, artichokes, kalmata olives, bell peppers, goat cheese and roma tomatoes in a basil dressing.  There was more than enough for two, and it was delicious.


We decided upon the Inferno Pizza- Spicy sopressata, mozzarella, calabria peppers and torn fresh basil.  The crust!!! OMG, perfection….the sauce, the right amount of heat, all ingredients equally distributed, and….just satisfying.

Just a side note: They carry Clown Shoes IPA (Tramp Stamp, Chocolate Sombrero & Muffin Top) and Hangar 1 Vodka…excellent!


Tattoos the easy way

I don’t like the idea of permanent ink on my skin. I love the body “as is” fresh and clean and in it’s natural state. However; the idea of a fun temporary tattoo is making me want to try it out.

It would be great for a weekend getaway, summer vacation, date night, perhaps even marking a new goal reached.

I found this great company called  Tattly. They make the most wonderful temporary tattoos and they are only $5 for  a set of two!!

I’ve picked out a few here to give you and idea of what they offer.

“Happy Tattooing!”

Link: http://tattly.com


A music room for Doug



Doug and I always talk about our plan to move to San Francisco,


building our new home near “Big Sur.” He has a small music room in our current home, but he is quickly losing space for his vinyl.


Friday nights after a long work week, that’s where you will find him….groovin, with a really good micro-brewed beer.


This would be my dream music room for him. It will be a reality soon.