A Co-op Organic Market in Gainesville Florida

We traveled to the University of Florida this past week to attend my son’s tennis camp. While there I was treated to the best Vegan/Vegetarian meals I’d ever had. Who knew that a southern college town would have such an abundance of healthy eating options.

My favorite place of all was this Co-op Organic Market located just north of the campus, called Citizens Organic Co-op Market. 



They had an abundance of everything and everything looked fresh and their prices were very reasonable. One thing in particular I saw was that they carried 7 types of tomatoes, offered a self serve bulk area, local brewed and unique beers ( including Russian River IPA)and a really cool patio with a play area for kids.




5 thoughts on “A Co-op Organic Market in Gainesville Florida

    • I bought mostly fruits and a few grains to bring back home. I did have their Tofurkey Reuben with vegan cheese sandwich. It was really incredible.

      There is also a restaurant I would recommend, it’s called The Jones b side. It’s about 5min from campus and has a great menu and atmosphere. I had a black bean quinoa burger with a raw green bean and picketed onion salad, it knocked my socks off.

      Lastly if you get the chance, try Karma Cream. It’s a totally Vegan ice cream shop.

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